Should you use your talents?

Mr Money Mustache just posted about what he might do with a lot more money.  I left a comment (edited for brevity) after reading the comments, which were pretty uniformly about small aspects of lifestyle inflation people would be interested in, and charity:

“There’s another option nobody is really mentioning…

One of the reasons I’m happy to see my stash growing is that it will open up exciting new possibilities for investments that will be FUN – little businesses, slightly bigger ones, a farm etc etc.

For me, having the income from those things is not necessary for my lifestyle. But I know I would/will really enjoy the stimulation from still being involved in commerce.

The Voluntary Worker”

This has got me thinking. An early thought – I’d be pretty good at working on a little portfolio like this, and I know from my past experience that I would find it interesting and a bit exciting. I’d also be providing useful stuff for my customers, and employment for my workers. And that got me thinking about the little niggle of disquiet I get when I read about all of the smart people who can’t wait to be retired – we’re all different, and it’s not for me to judge, but I can’t help thinking that all of the idleness (whether or not it involves travel, which is often idleness with a side of voyeurism) is a bit sad, because all of these people must have talents that could benefit others.

Just saying.


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  1. Hello, I just read all of your posts today. Good stuff, I’m surprised that you don’t have more comments.

    I’m a big MMM fan and like you, I’m inclined to think that I’ll keep working voluntarily after I reach financial independence.

    My dad is financially independent and he’s still working 60 hours a week. He likes his work and his colleagues and he feels that he’s needed and contributing to the economy. He still takes lots of vacation though.

    It seems to work for him.


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